Tips for Growing marijuana in a Tiny Space

Tips for Growing marijuana in a Tiny Space

With the legalization of weed, cannabis demand is always on the constant surge. Well, the only better idea than opting to buy weed online is growing it yourself. As a beginner, yet enthusiasts, you definitely don’t have the much-required knowledge and experience of starting a full-blown plantation. Therefore, opt for a simpler yet resulting option – micro grow.

To succeed in this, consider the tips below.

·        Choose a suitable strain

As for micro growing, selecting the right strain is of immense importance bearing in mind the limited space available. Something to keep in mind when selecting the strain is the final height of the cannabis. Just to mention, Sativa strains grow relatively higher than Indicas, which are short and relatively bushy. Besides, sativa increase in height by 200-300 percent while Indicas increase by 50-100 percent, making them compatible for micro growing.

·        Soil Quantity

Most plants occupy the same ground volume as above. The reason is that the root system is equally vitally important, as it is the part that takes up water and nutrients. That said, the space occupied by the weed’s root system is of great significance on the plant’s size. The volume of soil/pot used to grow the plant directly affects how large the plant grows.

·        Lighting

No plant can grow without adequate light for sure, and cannabis isn’t an exception. Therefore, you should choose optimal lighting for your micro-grow. There are a variety of lamps including fluorescent tubes, HPS, HPI, LED bulbs and CFL bulbs that can provide ample lighting options. When searching for good lighting, consider the wattage and heat the light produces. As for the wattage, go for a bulb with 400W for a square meter.

HPI and HPI lamps are the best choices for indoor growers as they have a high light output and are lightweight. However, it does produce excess heat that isn’t significant with micro growing.

·        Air and Water Supply

Just like light, plants can’t grow without water and air. For your indoor weed to grow well, you should provide good ventilation and clean water supply. With a little space, air turnover is essential for healthily growing plants. Adequate ventilation goes beyond providing plants with fresh carbon dioxide as it also ventilates humidity and heat from your growing space.

Growing marijuana

Take Home Point

As you may decipher, space is the main difference between micro growing and regular growing. Lack of space is what calls for the choice of short and bushier plants. Besides this, you can put some techniques in place that influence the plant’s growth. They include topping, screen of green and low-stress training. Try these techniques to boost your weed’s health. For those looking for an alternative than medical cannabis dispensary online, consider micro growing in your small home space.

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