Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gifts for Your Date

Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gifts for Your Date

It’s a matter of hours before the most romantic holiday sets in and love is certainly in the air. Got a date? Yes or no, try the following cannabis Valentine’s Day gifts for your cannabis lover or friend and ensure that no person remains unhappy on this important “love” day regardless of individual dating status. If you are in California, be thankful as the wide variety of CBD products below can have some intimate touch to your person, perfect for this most awaited day.

Let’s begin with the flowers…

Every person expects some flowers from their loved one. For cannabis aficionados, the Long Stemmed Bud Bouquet can be a pleasant surprise to start your day. The bouquet is strain specific containing approximately 7 – 28 grams of potent apical colas and other strains. You can buy indica flowers online in California; add some roses depending on what your lover likes.


If you are not the flowers type, cards are a good option. Kushkards are specially made greeting cards for cannabis enthusiasts. Each card has a match striker with an attached pre-roll of your choice. You can make your own pre-roll or check out some from our product list. Regardless, this is perhaps the best way of delivering cannabis gift to your lover and friends this special day.

For Tasty Indulgence…

Kushkards and flowers a great introductory. Well, something to bite yet? Sure yes. Try the following chocolate brands made from different cannabis strands.
Chocolate bons with CBD hemp oil – getting a box of chocolates with CBD hemp oil is a good idea. This hodge-podge has nine different flavors including the salty coconut, peanut butter, jelly, and coffee bean flavors. This can be your best after-dinner treat.
Chocolate truffles – taking the 2nd position in the Medical Cannabis Cup some years ago, these bad boys prove their tasty nature ever since. Ensure that you don’t show them before your time as they can get your partner drooling.
Other amazing cannabis valentine chocolate ideas include the Binske chocolate bars, CBD chocolate bars, chocolate CBD peppermint patties, satori chocolates, and high love rolls.

For a Relaxing Aura…

If you need some cannabis-infused aura, marijuana concentrates California should be your products of choice. The best being the Plant Juice Oil’s cooling spray for fans of essential oils. You can use this diffuser as you spend your quality time back at home or before bedtime. This oil combines pure essential oils with CBD for an intriguing aura.

Wanna Get Accidentally Stoned?

Being high on Valentine’s Day is a good idea after your dinner treats and outings. Well, for some degree of highness, have the CanChew Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Gum with you. On this particular day, you might not be looking to get super stoned but just some high to enjoy quality intimate time with your person. Each piece of the gum contains 10mg phytocannabinoids coupled with 50mg natural hemp oil. Take two pieces to avoid being super stoned.

And finally, for enhanced foreplay…

The Foria Awaken can come in handy when it’s the “right” time. Note that this product has some coconut oil; therefore, stoners prone to yeast infections can avoid it. Nonetheless, incorporate it to your foreplay for a more pleasurable experience.

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