Things to Know Before Indulging in Marijuana Edibles

Things to Know Before Indulging in Marijuana Edibles

As the number of cannabis-infused foods finds their way into the legal cannabis market, more enthusiasts are finding new ways of getting high. Coupled with the fact that legalization paved the way for more inexperienced cannabis consumers, there are some stubborn facts you should know before order marijuana edibles online.

Well, below are some handy tips for novice marijuana aficionados.

Do Extensive Homework

Any novice shouldn’t rush and buy cannabis online without taking time to study on the edibles composition. Despite the legalization, most states have dosage guidelines that limit the dose to 10 milligrams. For experienced stoners, however, this might not be that much. However, for beginners, 5 milligrams should be enough.

Eat Before Eating

Edibles will pack a powerful punch to an empty stomach. Therefore, ensure that you take something in your stomach before eating these medicated brownies or other edible formulation. Remember, the effects of alcohol and hunger that have been discussed for long doesn’t vary much from this scenario. Just to infer, the effects of alcohol takes longer to react to people who eat before drinking. That said, think of edible weed in the same way.

Be Comfortable

Taking marijuana edibles requires that you find a comfortable place. Also, be prepared to stay put in the same place for some time. as with smoking, edibles get you meditating and time should be your friend. Edibles may take up to 60 minutes to kick in. once it starts kicking in, the intoxicating effect may last for some few hours.

Start Small

The cannabis edibles regulation California always advice that novice should start small as they gauge their potential. Don’t attempt taking a full dose right off the bat. It is prudent to introduce THC gradually into your system and upgrade slowly. Start with half the dose and increase as you figure out your optimum dosage.

No to Booze

Taking edible cannabis with alcohol is a big no. sipping a cold beer while smoking a joint is possible, but introducing booze in an edible session should be avoided. The reason being that the experience beginners encounter an uncomfortable spinning sensation. Try water or fruit juice instead.

Observe Your Body

Whether edible, smoked or inhaled, weed is weed! Even if you observe the above guides to the latter, you might find yourself feeling anxious and jittery. This isn’t something uncommon, and you shouldn’t be worried about it. However, if the feelings persist, try relaxing and remain calm. You can as well halt your session, take water and take a few deep breaths.

Remember nobody has ever died from a cannabis overdose. Happy weeding sessions!

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